"Tyler always complained that there wasn't a playground at his school"

Linda Russell



We did it! Thank you to every one that donated the Tyler Massey Memorial playground officially opened September 2016.

This is Tyler Massey's legacy - a place where we can all come together to remember and reflect on what a wonderful brother, son and friend he was to all of us.
Tyler was a 9 year old boy with a spirit larger than life. Tyler was kind, loving and curious. He loved animals and had a passion for riding dirt bikes. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your on going support. As the Tyler Massey Memorial Fund continues to grow, we will post our plans to build a playground in Tyler's honour at Goodwood Public School.

***Please note fund raising events not listed in the events section of this this website are not authorized or endorced by the friends and family members running this site no proceedes from outside events are sent to this fund.



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Tylers Family  wishs to send a personal thank you to everyone who has donated:

Lily and Donald Guillod
Maria Covelli
Dinesh Ganesasundaram
Kaitlyn D'sa
Steve and Irene  Englezos
Jenn Williams
Janis Castle
Meredith Teng
Bonnie Roman
Donna and Doug Milligan
Sarah and Matt Milligan
Gillian and Doug Stephen
Ray McKenzie
Robin Walker
Bonner Boys
Patti Frieday
Galway and Area Ratepayers Association
Ray Kichko
Ben and Julia Teskey
Karen Savich
Patti Fleury
Ellen Peterman and Ben Fleury
Debora and Frank Correa
The Goodwood Ladies Ball League
Scott and Wendy Mclaughlin
Kinmount United Church
Catherine Allonby
Trisha Wiseman
Cindy Wolfe
Gennifer Gurney
Fab Gulielmi
Susan - Kut & Curl
Vern and Marian
Mel and Judi Knocker
Taylor Family
Al and Doris Libby
Jack and Gloria Gordon
Bob and Loraine Butler,
Brian and Sharon Naherne
Anne Brueton
Judith Granger
Gail Gilmour
Lisa Carrie and Justin
Tara Learning
Donna and Rick Jokinen
Cathy and Paul Macrae
Area 705 Roller Derby
Grade 8 Class at Goodwood Public School
Gunter Transportation
Dreamstone Landscaping
Directors Global Insurance
Michelle Ward
Wendy Walker
Jason Walt
Tina Perriman and Jamie Graham
Kaitlyn Somers
Kayla Moule
Kyle Douglas
Dave Hayes
Michlynne and Jared Short
Melissa Mitchell
Ryan King
Greg Tom
City of Kawartha Lakes Staff and Council
Elyse Johnson
Derek Mitchell
Sheri Peters
BW Underwriting
Michelle Mintsinkas
Sherry L
Heather Farquharson
Brenda Moncrief
Nancy Crosleigh
Carmela Valvo
Raamy Shehata
Candice Hessel
Johanne Helen Wyatt
Scota Gehmair
Christine Norris
Jennifer Priest
Elayne Carson
Janice and Jack Martino
Mr. Electric
Heather McIntyre
Philip Teerink
Patricia Brunelle
Cliff Denault
Kyle Edwards Thompson
Darren Kennedy
Heather Stauble
Christopher Tozzi
Genevieve, Brian, Brandon and Michael Dec
Courtney Daniels
Adriana Van Oudenaren
Tom Miekle
Laura MacInnis
Andrea Thompson
Scott Adams
Brian McPhillips and Jennifer Adcock
Michelle DeWild
Tim and Jennifer Metzger
Corrine Buntsma
Victoria Taylor
Janelle Molyneaux
Elaine Dandy
Melanie Green
Dawn and Paul Stone
DA Drafting
Noah Eldridge
Jonah Coinwell
Sandra McLellan
Renu Bourne
Karen Moody
Jennifer Gorgey
Kelly McNaul
Dan and Elyse Della Mora
Crystal Foster
Angel Baltazar
Tara and Neal Hall
Tosha Jones
Doreen and Kevin Dec
Christine Kay
Josh Johnson
Doug Bruce
Ricardo Guevara
Maureen Burgess
John Burnowicz
Inglewood Pumps
Lauren Maloney
Paola Assenza
Diana Keay
Sophia Barrell
Jennie Foster
Julia Percy
Leighanne Howard
Vanessa Morey
Robert Somers
Lee Williamson
Patricia Kennedy
Andrea and Dave Edwards
Rob Walker
Gordie and Jackie Samples
The Field/Scott Family
Siegmar and Barbara Pulst
Kevin Hollands
Christine and Alexander MacDonell
Richard and Nancy Hannah
Goodwood Lions Hall
Tracy and Richard Nihda
Margaret King
Barry and Joanne Russell
Cgngarov Family
The Balsden Family
The Wilson Family Adrienne, Dave, Tyler, Bailey
Darcy, Tanya, Meghan, Madelyn Cummins
Dave Budd
John and Femme Feddema
Jason, Lori, Andrew, Sam and Lizzy Feddema
Pam Caldwell
Rhiannon, Alex, Clayton, Ken, April
Rosemary Stonemoor Daycare
Ron and Dimitra
Janelle and Norris Francis
Helen and Peter Gognavec
Bobcaygeon Daycare
Agnes Ward
Dawn Crawford
David Russell
Judy Stephens
Scott Smith
Nancy Walker
Trevor Field
Stenmac Inc.
Andrea Zarlinga
MPAC Tina Faibish, John Chmielewski, Ben Lorriman, Doug and Cathy Ritchie, Locksley Atkinson, Angela Midea, Louie Seppe, John Odoom, Camerson Trollope, Leo Ferreira, Erin Comeau, Ryan Dasilva, Trent Chow, Helen Pires, RupI Anand, Jeff Gallant, Chris Vallier, Elca Tere, Mitch Wheatly, Roslaie Conte, Vicky Kamperogianis, Lesia Komorowski, Debbie Simone, Carm and Nina Lipsi
Barbara Parsons
Alana MacLean
Beth and Brad Coombs
Heather Muir
Susan and Lyle Cully
Trace Fire Protection
Jere, Kristen, Jakob, Logan Riberdy
Rosalie Leistner
Gwynth Thompson
Chad and Karen Strong
Debra Toffan
Robert Fletcher
Edward Reed
Barry Digby and Carol Budd
Aspect Roofing
Robert Bunstma
Hilary Trant
Helen Seabrook
Jason Graham
Melissa Latcham
Catherine Hojo
Blue Star Trucking
Steve Hayden
Nick and Tina Brown
Tyler Carter
Bridget Carlucci
Brandon Vanderweer
Paul Trudgen
School Bus Drivers
Tom Burnham
All About Kids Staff
JR Weldon and Son
Nick Sampo
Carlo Baldassarra Greenpark
Ted Wine Greenpark
Scott and Ursula Frisbe
John Sangalli
Jason and Tara Coleman
Jane Buttersby
Robert Mundy
George Wright
SEW Eurodrive
926616 Ontario Ltd.
Brenda Martson
Dayna Panay
Scott and Elaine Galley
Staff and Students at Goodwood Public School

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