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Save your Stuff | Community Garage Sale | Uxbridge

Posted on 5 January 2016
Save your Stuff | Community Garage Sale | Uxbridge

Save your Stuff

The Tyler Massey Memorial Fund is hosting a community garage sale at Goodwood Public School


Save your no longer needed item for a comunity garage sat that will be held in Spring 2016 at Goodwood P.S. All proceeds to go to the Tyler Massey memorial fund with the goal of raising enough money to build a Naturalized Playground at Goodwood Public School. Goodwood Public School currently has no playground for its students.

"Natural Playgrounds should be the standard for all our playgrounds. They truly connect children with nature through play and are a sort of classroom for the next generation of environmental stewards". - Dr. David Suzuki

Playgrounds are important for the social and physical development of children. Please join us for this fun event, and help raise money for a worthy cause.

If you would like your item picked up please email atvsafetytoday@gmail.com



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