Tyler was as full of life as any person could possibly be. His passion for motocross was larger than anyone I know and continuously inspires me.
I grew up with Tyler And know first hand - everyone that Tyler came into contact with loved him and his mischivious smile. We took many trips to great wolf lodge with him and his family there wasn't one time that he did not get my dad to go on the water slides with him. Tyler's love for little kids was also so inspiring, he loved his little sister Alyssa more than anything. Tyler would be the first one to drop what he was doing to play with my 4 year old sisters a well. Him not being at the track to wish us good luck before our race will never be the same but his legacy will live forever on.
I love you Ty Hailey


I work at Goodwood Public School and have many stories of my times with Tyler. I always looked forward to lunch times at school. As soon as Tyler heard me he would run out of his classroom with something to tell me or show me something he had tucked away in his backpack. The last thing he had to show me were his standings in the races along with another of his friends. I remember telling him how awesome he was and giving him a high five. His teacher would always say " Tyler get back in here. You never asked to leave". He would just shrug his shoulders and say " I will be right there, it will only take a minute". Needless to say she just gave up and let him talk to me. The last 2 weeks of school were extremely hard because as I walked down the! hall my heart would drop knowing he wouldn't be coming to see me. One of the people I worked with always said that Tyler had me right under his thumb. How right she was and how glad I am that he did. Those memories will always be special to me. A spark went out on June 14th which will never be rekindled by another. I will miss Tyler forever but will always be thankful for knowing such a special boy. He brightened many a day for me.


Kelly McNaul

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and be friends with Tyler and his family since moving to Uxbridge directly across the road from their house.
Tyler was a sweet, gentle soul...and I ALWAYS looked forward to his visits to see me and my cat Kobie. I live in the basement apt of my Brothers home, he would visit my Brother Steve, and then say "can you text Sherry and tell her I want to come down for a visit"
I'd respond with an all caps YES send him down!!! Not seconds later a wee knock at my door. I was always greeted with the warmest hugs, and he'd ask "how are you doing?" He would sit on the couch, ask me what's new and look around my apt and say "so what's new, have you done or changed anything". Making me smile the entire time. Telling me how school is, his racing and riding. The politest little man I've ever met. You couldn't help but smile as his own infectious smile grew upon his face!! He was a genuine, kind and thoughtful young boy. As I share this little story, I sit with a smile across my face...remembering all the visits we shared. When the visit was over, he'd stand and say "nice to see you, I hope you have a great week" See you again soon.

A young boy always eager to help anyone, his artistic abilities were awesome. I loved his close bond with his little sister Alyssa, as it reminded me so much of the relationship my Brother and I still share.

I will miss my little Friend, but he will NEVER be forgotten.

Ride in Peace Tyler Massey!!

Your friend,

Sherry Steeves xo

Emma Goldman, author , wrote. ..

"No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity

hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock

that treasure."

As Tyler's Third Grade teacher, I've had the opportunity to see the richness of

Tyler's treasures for the past 10 months.  In our classroom, Tyler was always the

first student to volunteer to turn on our classroom projector, or help hand-out

materials.  If you needed a sharpened pencil, or an eraser, Tyler would be one of

the first students to volunteer his own.  Whenever a supply teacher, or, guest

speaker visited our classroom, each would comment positively on Tyler's

eagerness to help-out. Tyler was kind.  Tyler was generous.

To quote many of his classmates, "Tyler was a great draw-er" Yes, Tyler was a

terrific artist and could spend hours drawing dirt-bikes, animals, and illustrating his

written work.  When making graphs for math, each bar in a bar chart would be

meticulously coloured.  He turned plasticine into puppy sculptures, and made

super "Public Service Announcement" Posters about the importance of Brushing

Your Teeth, or Washing Your Hands, or dressing properly for winter recess (even

though Tyler would often rush outside with his winter-coat unzipped, or without

his hat or gloves).  Tyler loved the colour orange and peppered every drawing with

a touch of it.

Tyler was compassionate.  He cared for his sister Alyssa deeply, and showed

patience beyond his years when playing with her or reading with her as his

Reading Buddy at school.  Tyler often spoke of feeding and caring for his pet

rabbits.  During PA days, he'd beg to take my puppy for a walk, or run in the

hallway with her, or throw a ball for her for hours.  Yes, Tyler was gentle and


Tyler was also fearless, and during many recesses, could be found racing among

our intermediate students as they played "manhunt".   He always wanted to run

the fastest, jump the highest, or be the "last-kid-standing" while playing

Mr.Kennedy's famous "Power-steal" game of tag or while in Gym playing Dodge

Ball.  Tyler was all about speed, and fun.  He loved dirt-biking, and ATV'ing, and

often wrote and spoke about racing around the trails, and working on his bike-

motors in the garage. 

Tyler was funny and charming, and would do funny things to make us laugh.  Tyler

was always smiling, and as described best by one of our intermediate students,

"Buddy, you knew everyone.  You always had a smile on your face and looked like

you were about to get into trouble."  And get into trouble. Yes, sometimes Tyler

did! ;-)  Soccer, Basketballs, and Tennis Balls got "roofed" or "bounced in the

hallways" when he had been told specifically, on more than one occasion, by more

than one staff member, not to.  With his long eyelashes and impish grin, it was

impossible not to forgive Tyler as quickly as he apologized and would promise to

be a little-more-careful next time.  Tyler was easy to forgive, because he was as

equally forgiving to others.  As so many students in every grade can attest, Tyler

was a great friend.

Nathan, a classmate of Tyler said it best when he said that Tyler "always stood out

in our class" and Tyler did.  There isn't a student at Goodwood Public School who

didn't know Tyler.  To say he was "well liked" would be an understatement.   

Sadly, Tyler will be missed.  His energy and enthusiasm for life was boundless. Like

a magnificent kaleidoscope of colour and sound: bright and sparkling, loud and

joyous: Tyler was the magical fireworks that made each of our lives a little

brighter, a little louder, and made our hearts beat a little faster.   He will remain,

forever, a treasure, in our thoughts, in our memories, and in our hearts.

Tyler, unstoppable Tyler,

Energetic, thoughtful, kind, inclusive to the core

Through acts of kindness - you shared your spirit

And filled our buckets, hearts, and heads and so much more.

Tyler's grade 3 teacher

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Emma Goldman, author , wrote. .. "No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure." As Tyler's Third Grade teacher, I've had the opportunity to see the richness of T...


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