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Tylermassey.ca Endorses Dave Barton for Ward 3

Posted on 16 November 2015

Tylermassey.ca is delighted to endorse Dave Barton for Ward 3. Dave is a highly dedicated native uxbridge resident who spends much of his time working to better Uxbridge. He has proved himself committed to Uxbridge by working as a Bonner Boy helping to raise funds for the betterment of the community, is member of the trails and tourism committee and is co-chair of the energy conservation committee.  This is the type of person who should be representing our community. As Ward 3 counselor his goals will be to achieve the following;

  • Improve local business revenues by encouraging tourism and holding more revenue generating events
  • Increase infrastructure to attract new business to the area (Mostly Internet)
  • improve safety for local residents (especially those in areas where there is no shoulder or sidewalks)
Please consider voting for Dave Barton (ward 3 municipal councillor) on November 23rd. He is also committed to helping us fund raise for Tyler's playground at Goodwood P.S.


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