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February 1

I'd just like to send out a big offer of thanks to those of you that have made a dononation. It will go a long way towards covering some of the cost already incurred, like parking rates at SunnyBrook, and loss of income for Cris while she stayed and slept with me at the hospital. Today the CCAC will access the house to see what changes will need to made, and we'll go from there. It all means so very much, and I thank you all.

January 29

News that made me cry. In a good way. They discharged me today. The day I've been begging for, finally arrived. Late today we arrived home, rested a bit, then off to buy a much needed commode for the toilet, and several other necessities. Exhausted from no sleep last night, but too exited to sleep, I spent hours talking with the kids. Feeling human again.

January 28

Big day today. I received the aproval from the doctors to get out of bed. The physiotherapist shadowed me as I walked the ward. Even went up and down a staircase once.

January 27

Thought it was time to update all my friends with my current situation. Some of you know, some may have guessed, and some will have no idea. I'm not big on opening up my private life to the world. But, this is a fight I can't take on alone, and I can't leave it to Cris to take the entire burden by herself. I've already had some close friends and family go above and beyond to help in anyway they can. And I love them for it.
Dec 23rd 2014, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. To make matters worse, it had spread into my spine and sternum. Back in the summer last year, I fractured a vertebrae. That effectively ended my driving career, but opened up a great opportunity for me in the safety department at Seaboard. Best thing that could have happened.
Dec 1st 2015, I broke a rib, bending over to pick up a pen. Shortly thereafter I had to use a cane due to back, and now, side pain.
Jan 6th 2016, I could no longer walk. I was taken by ambulance to Sunnybrook Hospital. Another vertebrae was fractured. In the process of trying to firm up the newest fracture with cement, 2 more vertebrae were fractured as well as more ribs.
All scans, x-rays, and a biopsy, point to Multiple Myeloma. Bone Marrow Cancer, unrelated to the Prostate Cancer.
So here I lay, in hospital, in a full back brace, unable to get out of bed. Future, very uncertain.
My ability to respond to every post is very limited. And I know it doesn't show here, but holding the phone and texting is painful and exhausting.
I needed to get this out there. I have a 9 year old daughter, and a 7 year old son. It's time to tell them, and time to stop hiding it from the people around them, for fear theyll let something slip when talking to the kids.
Again, I can't thank the incredible people around me enough. My wife, blows me away every day with her abilities and caring, and compassion. I couldn't have survived this long without her.
For anyone interested, I'll post any milestones on here. And forgive me if I don't respond to your responses in a timely manner.

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